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Economy of Pakistan

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Economy of Pakistan
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Economy of Pakistan
Pakistani Rupee.jpg
Rank 28th

1 Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
Rs. = 100 Paisas
Fiscal year July 1–June 30
Trade organisations ECO, SAFTA, ASEAN, WIPO and WTO

$167 billion (nominal) (2010)[1]
$439 billion (GDP-PPP) (2010)[2]
GDP growth 2% (Q1)
GDP per capita $1067 (2010, IMF) [3]
GDP by sector agriculture: 19.6%, industry: 26.8%, services: 53.7% (2007)
Inflation (CPI) 11.17% (2009-2010)[4]
below poverty line 23% ((2007))[1]
Labour force 55.88 million (2009 est.)
Unemployment 11.2% (2009 est.)
Main industries textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, transport equipment, automobiles, machinery, beverages, construction, materials, clothing, paper products
Ease of Doing Business Rank 83rd[5]

$19.55 billion (2010 est.)
Export goods textile goods (garments, bed linen, cotton cloths, and yarn), rice, leather goods, sports goods, chemicals manufactures, carpets and rugs
Main export partners United States 22.4%, UAE 8.3%, UK 6%, China 15.4%, Germany 4.7% (2006 est.)
Imports $28.31 billion f.o.b. (2009 est.)
Import goods Petroleum, Petroleum products, Machinery, Plastics, Transportation equipment, Edible oils, Paper and paperboard, Iron and steel, Tea
Main import partners China 14.7%, Saudi Arabia 10.1%, UAE 8.7%, Japan 6.5%, United States 5.3%, Germany 5%, Kuwait 4.9% (2006 est.)
Public finances
Public debt $50 billion (2009)
Revenues $23.21 billion (2009 est.)
Expenses $30.05 billion (2009 est.)
Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars

The economy of Pakistan is the 25th largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power, and the 45th largest in absolute dollar terms. Pakistan has a semi-industrialized economy,[8][9][10] which mainly encompasses textiles, chemicals, food...


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