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Legal Murder

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Shelby G .
Period 06
By dictionary definition, abortion means, any of various surgical methods for terminating a pregnancy. Look at the word ‘terminating’. Now what do you think of? Hitler and the Jews? Jack the Ripper? War? Mass murdering sprees? That’s exactly what abortion is, murder. Abortion should definitely not be permitted.
Alive or dead, human rights should be respected. “Abortion can be described as child murder, infanticide, and feticide,” says feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton. No matter the age, race, or religion. Unborn children do not even get to articulate the right to live. Life is sacred, inviolable, and absolute. There is no reason why that should be taken away from such an innocent and pure human being. No one has the right to deprive another being of this irreplaceable thing. These are arrogant and sinister procedures. If murderers are put on trial and convicted, shouldn’t these so called ‘mothers’ be convicted too?
If a mother-to-be is an unfit parent, there is always adoption. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should ever think that abortion is their only option. “There have been a lot of unsure mothers-to-be in my surgery, but as soon as their baby is born, all of the uncertainty goes out the window. Abortion is not the answer!” states Dr. Tammie Downes. There are millions of couples who are unable to conceive and would greatly appreciate the chance to be a parent. As Dr. Downes has stated, “Abortion is not the answer!”


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