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My Business Plan: Putting Up a Restaurant Business

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MY BUSINESS PLAN: Putting Up a Restaurant Business

My Objectives:
  1. To start producing and serving food by November 2012.
  2. To achieve profitability by the end of 2013.
  3. To seek adequate financing for the first 12 months of operation.

What is my business?
My business is all about food serving or a Restaurant and producing one of the important demands of the people we called FOOD. This business will concern on the healthy diets that most people are eagerly looking forward for a better and even longer life. I prefer food services because it is one of my mother business that is still operating now and it came to me as a hit. I loved serving food because it is also a tremendous ways in gaining such profit. This business will be expected to hit a major breakthrough in the next 2 years because I believed that such business will grow if you do a lot of hard work and patience that I believed it is one of my assets.

What is my Products or Services?
Essentially my business is food so the products that I will produce are only foods. My products that I will be able to produce are:
  1. Vegetable Cuisine- this type of food delicacy will help increase the healthy nutrition that is needed in our mind and body this will also give people a chance to live life to its fullest also includes the healthy diet that is very needed in our body.

  2. Meat Cuisine- this cuisine is a very good source of energy that is need in man’s body. With this type of cuisine I will be able to produce many Filipino delicacies that are very good for the taste of the people.

Identifying the Potential Markets of my Business
This type of business is open to the general public so my likely costumers will be different class of peoples.

The location
Of my business provides me advantages in leading a good profitability. In this type of location also enriches many people to buy my products for they are widely seen in the general public places. Also to make sure that...


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