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1. In what ways might self-leadership’s mental strategies be useful to employees at a commercial airline such as America West? Mental strategies would be useful to employees at a commercial airline such as America West, because it takes a good state of mind to work at airlines. Working at airlines such as America West isn’t an easy mental task.

2. Explain why these strategies improved the employees’ perceptions of the bankruptcy situation.   The strategies improved the employees’ perceptions of the bankruptcy situation, because they viewed it in an opportunistic way. The strategies taught them how to be better self-leaders improving their employees’ mental performance, job satisfaction, self-efficacy, and mood.

1. Explain Schumpeter’s concept of “creative destruction.” Schumpeter’s concept of creative destruction is the concept that leads to new products and services replacing old and existing ways of doing things.

2. What are the three traits that are shared by many entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs tend to share three important traits: they are innovative, they are risk-takers, and they are proactive.
Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for a better way to do something, focusing on finding and seizing opportunities in the world.

3. How is self-leadership an important concept for entrepreneurs? Self- leadership is an important concept for entrepreneurs, because the entrepreneurs have to make things happen for themselves. The world benefits from their pursuit of fulfilling their ambitious and dreams, if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to be a good self-leader.

1. Why is empowerment and self-leadership a challenge in Russia? It’s a difficult issue for a person trying to practice self-leadership involves how to deal with empowerment. In Russia, Russian firms have been hierarchical with strong, powerful leaders who kept control over most decisions to themselves. One was once punished severely for mistakes and rewarded very little for...


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