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Family and Friends Are Responsible for Fostering Anti-Social Behavior in Young People

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Family and friends are responsible for fostering anti-social behavior in young people

To begin with, the family we are born in has a huge influence upon our development as a person, and consequently our life.
It could be argued that parents have an unconscious way of teaching their children bad things. For instance, when they fight over something, they don’t realize they are affecting their child in a negative way. In addition to being affected on a short period of time, repeated fights in the family can mark the child, and he will get accustomed to this way of living throughout his whole life, fostering anti-social behavior in their children too.
It is widely claimed that young people are most affected by their entourage. One striking example is the fact that as soon as they find a group of friends, they start doing what the others do, in order to be accepted into the group, or simply to be cool. The examples they follow might not always be good, on the contrary, might inspire anti-social behaviour.
One very convincing point against family being a bad influence over young people’s behaviour is the fact that without them children can’t become young people in the first place. In order to have a good development and become a person, you firstly need to be taught how to walk, how to talk, and most important how to think better. Another way families help their kids accomplish something in their life is by sending them to school, where they learn even more how to be a good and rational person. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that an educated person who has a family and has been helped by it can find work easier than a person who has been the subject of family fights during his early years of his life.
Taking everything into account, I am inclined to believe that families have a rather good influence upon young people, but I cannot say the same about their friends, who, in my viewpoint, might lead them into the wrong direction.


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