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Alexander the Great - Essay 10

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Alexander's military accomplishments were due to the powerful military force his father, King Philip II, left him. Ruthless and cruel, he had a fierce temper and mistreated his own loyal advisor and soldiers. In Thebes Alexander brutally put down the attempt of the people of Thebes to declare their independence. His forces killed 6,000 Thebans, sold more than 20,000 into slavery, and destroyed virtually the entire city. In Egypt Alexander only founded the site for the city of Alexandria, and played no role in the city's growth. The emphasis on Greek culture and scholarship excluded the Egyptians from any key role in the city's development. In Persia Alexander's military campaign against Persia was brutal and relentless, without regard for the casualties of either the Persians or his own troops. He plundered the riches of Persepolis, Persian's great capital, and burned it to the ground, destroying center of Persian culture. In India Alexander's forces spent three years in India ruthlessly putting down any resistance, slaughtering males and selling females and children into slavery. His campaigns into deepest India, despite horrible weather conditions, finally caused his own troops to demand that he turn around and return home. . so as you can see my alexander the great was a villain and will always be a villian.

By Salmaan Chand
Actually alexander the great wasnt at all a total villian i mean he made one of the biggest emipire known today. he helped greek culture through out the world to many non-greek places.He didnt torture the people he helped people get out of slavery he didnt contine it. he actually let the peopl stay in their places he didnt burn them down or harm if only they didnt surrender he was great military leader today to many historians no offense but i think u should a tad bit more research on his he might have been bad but evrybody has a good side somewhere deep in them

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