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Wish You Well Summary

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Wish You Well Book Report

Lou Cardinal one of the main characters grew up much to fast in the novel, Wish You Well, she had to learn very quickly how to be not only big sister to her little brother Oz but a substitute mother as well. Oz was often very timid or scared it seemed to everything. Lou often thought negative towards the healing of their mother while deep inside it seemed she wanted to believe she would one day wake up from the coma.

Lou is so much like her great-grandmother, Louisa Mae Cardinal, in the way Lou cares for Oz, as did Louisa care for John. Oz is as different from Lou as he is more faithful that his mother will once again wake up from the coma and once again be the mother he longed for.

Cotton Longfellow an attorney and friend of Louisa was much like Oz in that he had faith in that Amanda Cardinal would wake from the coma. Cotton was also like Lou in that he too hoped to be a writer like John Cardinal. He loved being able to read to Amanda and watch later as Lou eventually warmed up that same way to reconnect to her mother.

Billy Davis being a gruff boy in the first meeting Lou and Oz at school in the mountains. Later on in the story as Billy had to be the big man for his mother, we learn he was not as mean as first seemed. He was man enough to get help for his mother against his fathers’ wishes. George Davis, his father kept food and needs from his family so he could make money. He cared more for his farm crops and animals than he did for his own wife and family. He would rather help birth an animal than help or hire help for his wife during birth of his child.

Diamond Skinner, near the same age as Lou seemed wise beyond his years. He has raised himself since the death of both his parents. He could understand what Lou was going through in a way. He showed them hope in the wishing well. The wishing well was both to help them have something to believe in while being a mystery of truth behind the wishing well. Diamond tells...


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