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Energy Resource Challenges

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Energy Resource Challenges

  * Describe all of the renewable energy alternatives

There is solar power which gets its energy from the sun. Wind energy, which     gets its energy from the wind. Biomass energy, that when processed produces ethanol. It is so wonderful to hear the progress they are making with these renewable energy resources.

  * What are some challenges with using and managing these alternative, renewable energy resources?

It has to be cost effective in order for the public to be able to utilize these alternative energy resources. The typical family also has to have adequate space in order to have solar panels and wind machines, which can be a challenge along with maintaining these resources.

  * Name at least one other renewable energy resource not presented

Hydropower: hydraulic power or water power is power that is derived from the force or energy of moving water. In our city we used hydropower to run the old textile mills.

  * Include a response to the following statement: Nonrenewable energy resources include coal, oil, and natural gas.

These nonrenewable energy resources are affecting our environment. It is a fact that in the United States more than 90% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the combustion of fossil fuels

  * Describe three common challenges with managing nonrenewable energy resources.

The first challenge is these nonrenewable energy resources particularly oil and natural gas come from fossils and animals so many years ago. The second is we use so much of these resources that they will eventually deplete. The third is every year the costs seem to rise with the use of these nonrenewable energy resources.


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