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Literary Fiction vs Commercial Fiction, the Most Dangerous Game and Hunters in the Snow

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“The Most Dangerous game” (Connell) and “Hunters in the Snow” (Wolff) are both fictional short stories.   Even though both stories are about hunting, they each depict hunting differently. Connell’s story demonstrates a commercial fiction style of writing, while “Hunters in the Snow” (Wolff) is written using the literary fiction style.
Commercial fiction is written with the purpose to entertain and to let the reader escape into an imaginary world. While reading commercial fiction the person does not need to think as much as someone reading literary fiction, thus making   commercial fiction quicker and easier to read .The plot, setting and theme are designed to amuse the reader and keep them guessing and make them wonder what will happen next. Commercial fiction, in a way, can be compared to a great action movie with lots of suspense and thrills.   What you read is what you get. There are no deep or subliminal messages that the author tries to make clear, unlike in literary fiction.
Literary fiction, on the other hand, can also be written for entertainment purposes, but more so to challenge people’s thoughts and beliefs and gives   readers another outlook at society and everyday tribulations we as humans face. Literary fiction is written so the reader has to actually think.   At times, the material can even get people upset and trigger certain emotions. Dissimilar to commercial fiction, literary fiction focuses on the reality of what could happen and not so much in an imaginary world, where everything and everyone is perfect.
In this case, “The Most Dangerous Game” is considered commercial fiction due to the fact that there is not as much substance to the story. It does not make the reader think deeply about much other than hoping the main character gets off the island alive. It is about a man being hunted by another man. The hunted is Rainsford, who is the protagonist and he is being hunted by General Zaroff, the antagonist. The story is written in a typical way...


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