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Fuzzy Logic-Based State-of-Charge Meter

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Design and implementation of a fuzzy logic-based state-of-charge meter for Li-ion batteries used in portable defibrillators
A fuzzy logic-based state-of-charge meter is being developed for Li-ion batteries for potential use in portable defibrillators. ac impedance and voltage recovery measurements have been made which are used as the input parameters for the fuzzy logic model. The load profile for the Li-ion battery packs comprises a continuous 1.4 A constant current discharge periodically interrupted by 10 A pulses. As the battery is cycled the available capacity diminishes and so the number of 10 A pulses that may be delivered decreases. Measurements are being made on a total of three battery packs at three different temperatures (0, 20 and 40 °C) and as expected the number of pulses deliverable by the battery pack diminishes as temperature is decreased. For example, at room temperature the battery pack was initially able to deliver 42 pulses early in the cycle life whereas at 0 °C the battery-pack is only able to initially deliver 12 pulses.
The voltage recovery profile upon removal of the 10 A load has been used both in the time domain and frequency domain to develop fuzzy logic models to estimate the number of remaining pulses that the battery-pack can deliver. Accurate models are being developed to estimate the number of pulses that the battery pack can deliver at various stages of its cycle life and at the different temperatures. With sufficient data collected for the battery packs at room temperature accurate fuzzy logic models have been developed for estimation of state-of-charge and implemented in the Motorola MC 68HC12 microcontroller.
Keywords: Voltage recovery profiles; Fuzzy logic modeling; State-of-charge; Lithium ion battery; Battery monitoring
1. Introduction
The survival rate for patients who suffer sudden cardiac arrests increases dramatically if the patients are treated within a few minutes of the cardiac event. In recognition of...


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