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Crop Monitoring System

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  *   1.1 Problem Definition
Agriculture is backbone of INDIAN economy. Today Indian farmer are facing lot many problems like shortage of power supply, burden of loan, irregular rains. Youth of today are losing interest in farming, agriculture development or research thus migrating towards the metro cities for jobs.   To change the scenario we have to provide a technological solution for all their problem statements. 70% of India is rural and Agriculture is a big industry of it. This consumes a large amount of water. Now there is limited supply of water on EARTH, so we cannot afford to waste even a small amount of water. This project will be a step forward to decrease the wastage of water on the farming fields. This will save a lot of water on EARTH.
  * 1.2 Identification of project
The modern irrigation system is nothing but advanced development of traditional irrigation method of farming. It is necessary to apply water in the necessary quantity and at the right time to sustain agricultural production and to achieve high levels of efficiency in water, energy, fertilizers and pesticide use. It consists of ultra low power controller that is enough intelligent to measure temperature of surrounding as well as soil moisture, according to that it will control the flow water with the help of dc operated solenoid valves and the entire system will work on a battery supply that will be powered by either solar energy or line supply when available. The data collected by the controller will also be transmitted via wireless nodes to the base station. At the base station the data will be collected and stored. This data can be analyzed for future.
In traditional irrigation & present system, farmers have to turn on the pump set every time. We propose a methodology in which an overhead tank will be filled up by the pump set and will be used in the day. Using the nozzles we will be developing the required pressure to be...


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