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Embeded System

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The human body is one of the best creations of nature, for it is an amazing combination   of muscles, sensory organs,neural networks etc. But over a period of time some of the natural combinations get damaged altogether. But over recent years the natural combinations are functioned by performing some operations. To graft a human organ or restore sensory perceptions to the human body, one major field working towards this is “BIONICS” an interdisciplinary approach where different technologies are coming together to make this scenario possible.
According to popular definition bionics are biomimetics is the application of methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. Bionics is generally about prosthetic arms or leg enhancements that are worn outside the body and , to some extent, even implanted sensor devices inside the body which are specifically enhanced to carry out routine tasks. These are essentially life systems that are powered by motors/actuators and sensory arrays. These send neural signals   from the affected part of the body to the brain, by which individuals are able to perform some tasks independently.

In the quest for perfection, man is trying his best to develop biological systems with engineering precision, and some where in the near future we could have a truly bionic man. The good thing is that this could help the disabled and the ailing in a great way.


      Our presentation deals with embedded systems in bionics. Bionics is nothing but a device to graft a human organ or restore sensory perceptions to the human body. Embedding a device in the place of worn out parts is nothing but bionics.

      The history of bionics begins from ancient mythological times, where soldiers were reported to have replaced their mutilated limbs with artificial ones made of iron ore and gone out to battle. But the present day scenario is...


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