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International Relations

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The article is about Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States to meet with president Obama. The objective of this meeting is to fix some of the issues President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao that could not be resolved since when president Obama visited the Chinese leader in November 2009.   Some of those issues consist on trade and, currency to North Korea and the South China Sea. President Hu Jintao’s other objective is to let the world know that China is a rising power but also to calm the fears over its intentions. The article states that China has grown stronger and wealthier but the leadership has grown more diffuse and harder to locate making them in some ways even weaker. Basically what that means is that there are a lot of other people making decisions other then the president. That it is getting harder to find out what groups in the government is making decisions on different issues. The way the Chinese government is structured now is confusing the United States as well as the Chinese Leader Hu. Sometimes he is kept in the dark about things he normally controls. For example, in a meeting last Tuesday with visiting Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, Hu seemed unaware that his military had just tested a stealth fighter jet. On the issue of North Korea, China does not want North Korean’s to cross over to China to seek work and refuge from the North Korean Government. The Chinese Communist party works with the Korean’s Workers Party to try to prevent that from happening.
In my opinion, it is important that the leaders of these two countries meet and try to work out the issues that they could not agree on when President Obama went to China in November of 2009. For example, one of these issues was that the Chinese have to value there currency to world value in order to prevent inflation of their own currency which would be bad for the Chinese public and everyone else around the world because the cost of...


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