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Purpose of Man

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Why am I here? What is life really about? Is there any meaning to life? These questions all have something similar in them, and that is: what is the purpose of man? Most of us do not sit down and think about those kinds of things. I know I never really had, but there obviously is a purpose of man or none of us would be here right now.
Some people think that the purpose of man is to reproduce, then we die. Other people think that purpose of man is survival of the fittest. I, however, have not a clue what I think the purpose of man actually is. I know people just say to serve God. These theories got me thinking though.
The theory of reproduction and then we die, it happens to everyone. No one can argue with that. We are here on earth to live life as we think we should. That means going through being young to having to deal with the wonderful drama in high school, getting an education and having a career to falling in love, getting married and having children to growing old and dying. That is how God wanted us to live.
The theory of survival of the fittest, I think is different from the other theory completely. Life is a constant battle. It’s a fight no one can win. We all have to be able to survive on our own, whether it has something to do with health issues, family issues, or even financial issues. No one can avoid issues like these. Everyone faces them, and some
people struggle with them. I do not believe that the strongest man or woman survives. I
think it may be somewhat of a team effort; everyone has to do their part to survive.
Serving God is basically what it says. Some things God sees as right; others He sees as wrong. If we happen to do the wrong thing that means we have sinned. If we have sinned, we have to be punished by God somehow. Sometimes that means God will not allow us into Heaven and we will be forced to go to Hell. Other times God will forgive us for our sins and allow us into Heaven.
After reading Tuesdays with Morrie, I had...


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