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1. mic ideology which affected the creation of Pakistan?
2. Describe the trade and commerce of Pakistan in the recent past?
3. Write the food crops and their cultivation?
4. What do you understand by E- Commerce? Write its uses?
5. Write the difference between import and export? What are the imports and exports of Pakistan and also name the countries where they are exported or form where they are imported??
6. Write three pints of 1973 Constitution?
7. Name any three highway s of Pakistan and write their location?
8. Define ideology of Pakistan in three lines?
9. Name any three Prime Ministers Of Pakistan?
10. What are the agriculture problems name them and give their measures briefly?
11. Write down three national goals of Pakistan and tell how much have they been achieved?
12. Write down the benefits of forest in 4 lines?
13. Write importance of Information Technology?
15. What do you mean by culture? Write three characteristics of culture?
17. Define Pollution? It kinds? And briefly explain environmental pollution?
19. Write down the causes of increase population in Pakistan?
20. Write briefly the geographical location of Pakistan?
21. When and where did All India Muslim League formed? Write the causes of its formation?
22. Write three points of Quaid-e-Azam?
23. Write down three names of Governors of Sindh?
24. Write down the problems faced by Education sector? How can it be solved?
25. When and where was Objective resolution passed? Write its three points?
27. Write three fundamental sources of Islamic Society?
28. Name the seaports of Pakistan and describe the cargo they handle?
29. What is Two Nation Theory? Write in three sentence?


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