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Bangkok and Seoul

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Bangkok and Seoul are the best-known cities of Thailand and South Korea. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand whereas Seoul is the capital of South Korea, both are the capital main commercial centre of their countries. This report will compare and contrast some of the physical features, population, people and economy.
The physical features of the cities are different. Firstly, Bangkok is found in 1782 but Seoul is founded before a long time in 1394. Secondly, Bangkok – a city is located in central of Thailand, is built on the banks of Chao Phraya River and twenty two kilometers from the river’s mouth. However, Seoul- a city is located in north-western of South Korea, is built on banks of Han river and about 3 kilometers from the Port of Inchon. On the one hand, Bangkok has tropical climate but on the other hand Seoul has continental climate. For this reason, there are two seasons in Bangkok with wet season and dry season whereas Seoul has warm summers and cold winter
Another difference is the population of the cities. Bangkok is much bigger than Seoul. Bangkok occupies 1562 sq kilometers and has population of about seven and half million while Seoul occupies 627 sq kilometer but it has ten million and three hundred thousand people
A final important difference between the two cities is the composition of their populations. In Bangkok, almost people is Thailand and constitute 75 percent and non-Thai descent including: Chinese, Indian, Burmese, Khmer, Vietnamese account for 25 percent
While there are a number of major differences between the two cities, there is similarity about economy. The most important economy is manufacturing finance and trade tourism.


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