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The Analysis of Othello

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The Analysis of Othello
The introduction about the author:
  Othello was written by William Shakespeare (1564-1615).he was an English dramatist and poet, generally regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. He wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets in his lifetime. His imagination, his richness of language and his deep understanding of human behaviors have made him universally known and loved. His influence on English literature and on the writers of other countries is immense.
    When he was seven, he went to a grammar school. But at the age of fourteen, he had to be a schoolmaster to help support his family because of the decline of his family. After arriving in London he was connected with drama. He used blank verse developed in to a happy vehicle to express all kinds of thought and emotion freely. He writes so many famous works. Such as merchant of Venice, you like it, hamlet, King Lear and so on.
  Shakespeare is one of the founders of realism in world literature. His dramatic creation often used the method of adaptations. His long experience with the stage and his intimate knowledge of dramatic art thus acquired make him a master hand for playwriting. He was a great master of the English language. He was skilled in many poetic forms: the song, the sonnet, the couple, and the dramatic blank verse.
The introduction about the main plot:
  Othello is one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies, the play tells the hero Othello and Desdemona were framed by Iago,eventually leading to a tragic fate. his wife Desdemona has been falsely accused of adultery with others and was killed by her husband ,.After understanding the truth Othello killed himself with full of guilty. From the point of view of the whole play, Othello can be said to be a tragic character play, the two tragic characters lead to the resulting tragedy as a result of their own character traits .
The anlysis of the character Othello:
  First of all, we play the hero's character traits of...


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