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Othello Essay

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What is meant by being vulnerable? How does it affect people’s lives? Basically, being vulnerable means to be highly capable of physical and emotional harm. Stress and anxiety are created by vulnerability which affects people both physiologically and psychologically. It has played a major role in Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’. From the beginning of the play both Othello and Roderigo are vulnerable.   Although Othello and Roderigo are both exposed to manipulation and similar situations, Othello is more vulnerable than Roderigo. . They both are gullible enough to be fooled by Iago, whom they perceived to be an honest friend. They both are evil. They both love Desdemona.
The most notable similarity between these two characters is that they are manipulated and deceived by Iago, a person whom they trust the most.   From the beginning of the play, Iago treats them as puppets while serves himself as their master.   He fools Roderigo by suggesting to “put money in thy purse” (Act 1, Scene 3). He assures Roderigo that he is going to help him win Desdemona's love, but his sole purpose is to load his pockets with money.   He exploits Othello too by brainwashing him into believing false accusations about Desdemona and Cassio. But in the end, Othello has more to lose; he has power, reputation and a beautiful wife. What more could anyone ask for?   Unlike fortunate Othello, Roderigo is just a slave to Iago who does everything Iago demands without second thought.
By comparing both Roderigo and Othello there’s another noticeable similarity. Their intentions make them evil. Roderigo knows Iago’s plans about Othello and Cassio. He helps Iago in creating the fight between Montano and Cassio like an evil servile. He also takes the charge of killing Cassio without even knowing the reason behind it. Othello’s evilness converts his character from a passionate husband to a jealous savage. In one of the scenes he even hits Desdemona in front of everyone and doesn’t show any feelings of regret....


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