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  * Okoth-Ogendo, H. W. O. 2007. The tragic of African commons:
 a century of expropriation, suppression and subversion. University of the Western Cape. Bellville
  * The theses discusses how Land use and energy conservation in Africa and Land Nationalisation of Africa.

  * ANCYL. TOWARDS THE TRANSFER OF MINERAL WEALTH TO THE OWNERSHIP OF THE PEOPLE AS A WHOLE: a perspective on nationalisation of Mines.   Discussion document. February 2010
  * The document discusses the lessons about nationalisation from various other models with attempt of ensuring that common ownership of strategic resources to benefit the entire population. While deriving these lessons, the intention is not to blindly copy what happened in other countries, sectors, situations and periods, but to present a unique compelling case suitable for South Africa. Emphasis is once more placed that, this is not a broad economic transformation perspective. The perspective specifically focuses on the Nationalisation of Mines, and acutely aware that other strategic sectors of the economy. The massive poverty challenges, unemployment and unequal spatial development realities calls for an urgent focus on mineral resources.

  *   Van Wyk, D. Debate on Nationalising the Mines in South Africa. Saturday, 06 February 2010
  * The article talks about the debate between politicians and other stakeholders in the mining industry, who are expressing about how the Nationalisation o the mines in South Africa will impact the country in a bad way.

  * Bown, A. Nationalization of SA Mines and the Nonprofit Sector?
Or While Nero Fiddles, Rome Burns. April 2010. Retrieved 2011 March 05, from www.charisma.za.org.
  * The focus of this article is on how the nationalisation of the mines would impact the non-profit organisation in South Africa, for these organisations have a crucial role to play to the society. For this reason she argues the fact that, if our...


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