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Cultural Adaptation, Adoption and Preservatio

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Cultural adaptation, adoption and preservation
  The richness of Costa Rica comes from the cultural diversity of its people. Throughout its history, many immigrants have added to the native population, and they have made it their home by using the processes of cultural adaptation, and adoption in which we as a country have adopted so many cultural characteristics that have made us be a rich cultural diversity; however, we have not been able to control the loss of our roots when adopting these new customs, traditions and lifestyles. As a result the native people of Bribri, Cábecar, Maleku, Térraba, Boruca, Guaymi, Huetar and Chorotega have suffered an invisibilization process while other cultures have become stronger.
  The Chinese culture, for instance, is one of these “adopted” cultures and now they seem to be more accepted than the ones that once tried to protect our territory and freedom. This situation may be considered as good and bad at the same time since we as Costa Rican people are able to tolerate and get along with people who have so many differences compared to us; nevertheless, this situation causes the discrimination and lack of interest in our own heritage, so how can we adopt new cultures and preserve our indigenous culture?
  This might be a difficult question to answer, but if we all analyze the possibility to create an equal treatment for both national and international cultures we will realize that it would be possible as long as we promote respect, tolerance, and protection for everybody, in that way, we would obtain a huge variety of beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Imagine how great it would be to adopt and adapt new cultures to our current lifestyle and include our indigenous people to our society by providing a resocialization process in which they might be part of our culture, politic and economy. They might have access to education and healthcare just like many Chinese people do in our country. In fact, we might be able to offer...


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