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Pea Plant Project

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Plant Study Project
All plants have a life Cycle, but there is a considerable difference between each plant type many plants are seasonable, while other plants have the ability to live all your around in many climates.
Many plants such as the Pea Plants grow from seeds, starting out seeds need three things to germinate. First they need water most seeds are start out relatively dry so most seeds need quite a bit of water. When seed gets enough water the seed swells up and splits its outer shell. The second thing a plant seed needs to germinate is oxygen; oxygen is the main source of food for the seed before it gets leaves. The third and last thing a seed needs is appropriate temperature, seeds need the right temperature to grow the size that the plant is supposed to grow, most seeds need around or just above room temperature.
Plants need much of the same things to grow as seeds need to grow, plants need water, oxygen, the right temperate just as seeds but plants need one more thing and that is sun light.   Sun light is vital to plants because plants are autotrophs meaning that they make their own food and the way they do this is through a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process plants use turning light energy into chemical energy this is why sun light is so important to a plants.
There are many parts of plant and all play a vital role in the growth and development of plants starting at the root. The root has three main jobs its first job is that it provides an anchor for the plant, the second function is the roots absorb water and nutrients needed for the plant to survive, last the roots help transport these water and nutrients to the next part of the plant, the stem. The stem is the main structure of the plant it supports the leaves, flowers and fruits. The stem also carries water, minerals and sugar to the roots and leaves.   The leaves play a huge role in making food for the plant. The leaf is where photosynthesis takes place were...


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