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A Amn for All Seasons

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A Man For All Seasons
The story of A Man For All Seasons is one of a man, Thomas More, who opposes the divorce between King Henry VIII and his wife, the previous wife of his brother.   This story was written to a play by Robert Bolt, but was adapted to a movie script also by Bolt.   Almost all of the time, the book or play is better than the movie.   This is true of A Man For All Seasons.   The movie simply lacked several pivotal moments and scenes that made the play as descriptive and entertaining as it is.   Although Bolt did a tremendous job in staying faithful to the play, the movie version just did not make the cut.   It cut the scene where Cromwell burns Rich’s hand in the candle, Bolt cut the role of the Common Man, and Chapuys who added a political aspect to the story was removed.
The scene where Cromwell burns Rich’s hand with a candle was an example of how utterly ruthless he was.   This act proved that Cromwell had certain Machiavellian qualities.   He would do whatever it took to get what he wanted, or what he thought that the King wanted.   This scene showed the audience that Cromwell would literally do anything to get More to either die or swear to the oath.  
The role of the Common Man was one that may not have worked for a movie, but it added a “built-in viewpoint.”   The Common Man introduced the play, and the characters.   He also added what seemed to be some irony that a commoner would be introducing a King.   The cutting of the Common Man seemed to make the movie more typical, which the story was not.   Had the Common Man been implemented into the movie, it would have added a new essence to the movie and it would’ve seemed to have been like a play that was filmed.  
Chapuys may have been viewed as a rather unimportant character by most, but he added a political twist to the story.   This political twist hinted at the tension that was developing between England and Spain.   Chapuys supported More in his resignation from Lord Chancellor of England and...


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