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Emotional Intelligence - Essay 3

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Section 1

Ioannis Tsaousis, and Ioannis Nikolaou (2005), Exploring the relationship of emotional intelligence with physical and psychological health functioning, Stress and Health, Wiley InterScience

The authors of this article are wanting to find the existence of any relationship between Emotional Intelligence and two types of health namely physical and psychological. In order to do this they conduct 2 studies, one under control condition and one under normal condition. Study 1 consists of two parts each having a questionnaire, one of them being The Traits Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire and the other one being General Health Questionnaire, the participants in this study are students and employees. The second study was conducted on employees from mental health institutions consisting of both male and female participants. This test also was conducted in two parts first one being the same as study 1 and other test was ASSET (Cartwright & Cooper, 2002). ASSET conceptualizes occupational stress as influenced by a variety of sources, such as work relationships, work-life balance, overload, job security, etc. In study 1 it was revealed that Male demonstrate more control on emotion and use of emotion when compared to female, but males were outscored by female in Perception and Appraisal. In study 2 the results were again the same male showed greater score in having a better mental and physical health, but female having better Perception and Appraisal. The study also brought out the gender differences in a certain dimension of emotional intelligence that is Perception and Appraisal. The drawback of this study is that all the data were collected at same time so there may be influential choices on the answers. More in depth study is required to reach a final conclusion on this topic, the study found there was negative relationship between high level of emotional intelligence and low...


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