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Violence 5

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Violence involved the act of causing pain to ones self or others. This can include physical or emotional pain. Words can hurt more than fists so it is important for us to think before we speak to others. Typical acts of violence include bullying, fighting, assaults of all levels, self inflicted injuries, exclusion of others within peer groups and more. The site explores many areas of violence and some ways to deal with these. Further help can be obtained through emailing your specific circumstances to E.N.D. Youth Violence and we can assist in giving you some tools and information on methods which you can try to help in your specific circumstances.

Violence typically shows warning signs and indicators in early stages of a child's life and if left without correction, can manifest into much more advanced problems. It will typically start as bullying and agression until it can lead to major acts of violence against others or themselves.

Violence is the use of physical force to injure people or property. Violence may cause physical pain to those who experience it directly, as well as emotional distress to those who either experience or witness it. Individuals, families, schools, workplaces, communities, society, and the environment all are harmed by violence.

Violence is a social and health problem for all who experience and witness it. Violence takes many forms, including:

    * Family violence, often referred to as domestic abuse, child abuse, child maltreatment, spouse abuse, and wife battering
    * Peer group violence, which includes workplace violence, school violence, gang violence, and bullying*
    * Sexual violence, which includes rape*, date rape, marital rape, intimate partner abuse, and child sexual abuse
    * Abuse of power, which includes mistreatment of children, students, elders, people with disabilities, and others who are smaller or less powerful than the abuser
    * Community violence, which includes assaults, fights, shootings,...


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