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Nature vs Nurture 7

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    I. Human behaviour and development is determined by the interaction of biological factors and environmental conditions

    II. Importance of biological influence

        A. Historical background, 1st theory/discovery Charles Darwing.

        B. Biological factors

                1. Physical characteristics.

                2. Science of   genetics, illness, DNA.

  III. Importance of Environment influenced

        A. Historical background

              1. John Locke

              2. Behaviorists: John Watson and Skinner,   everything leaned.

              3. William James: babies no sense

    IV. Interaction between biology and environment

    A. Foetus develops, the biological process effected by smoking, drinking, illness and so on

    B.   Lots of behaviour/senses (baby),   genes program our growing.

              1. Vision, Recognize shapes

              2. Hearing, Recognize voices between sounds and specific characteristics of the human voice .

              3.   Taste, Distinguish of taste

              4. Smell, Identification of smell, mother odour

              5. Psychomor performance: babies learned to walk   more quickly       y encouraged

              6. Speech development: structures in the brain

    C.   Science an genetic: some illness genetic DNA

    V. Conclusion, Even of schedule of biological factor, the human development is affected negative and positive by the presence of environmental conditions


It is not in discussion that as human beings make up into a persons with physical and psychological characteristics, and it is these that separate us from animals   and   even from the other human beings. But the argument as to what influences and causes human behaviour and development has run for hundreds of years.   Some people have said that nature (biology), characteristics...


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