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The Nature vs Nuture Debate

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Firstly, we need to know what the two words mean.
NATURE: this term is been known as heredity. It would further more be referred to what is typically thought of as inheritance, that is differences in genetic material(chromosomes and genes) which are transmitted from generation to generation(from parents to offspring). The father of genetics Gregor Mendel (1865) explained the difference between smooth and wrinkled seeds in garden pea in terms of different genes. Similarly, modern human genetics focuses on genetic difference between individuals, reflecting the use of the word “nature” by Galton, who coined the phrase nature-nurture in 1883 as it is used in the scientific arena.
Genes are the basic unit in hereditary transmission, consisting of large molecules of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). These are extremely complex chemical chains, comprising a ladder-like, and double helix structures. Nature also refers not simply to abilities present at birth but to any ability determined by genes, including those appearing through maturation.

NURTURE: is the view of empiricists, the view that everything is learned through interactions with the environment, the physical and social world, more widely referred to as ‘experience’. When the environment is used in a psychological context, it usually refers to all those post-natal influences (or potential source of influence) lying outside/external to the individual body. These include other people, both members of immediate family and other members of society, opportunities for intellectual stimulation and the physical circumstances of the individual’s life.
The Debate
Philosophers such as Plato argued that all knowledge was inherited through your parent and when you were told something you didn’t learn it, you were just reminded of it. Aristotle however argued that all humans were born with a blank slate and built on it with influence from their environment. The issue concerning the nature and nurture debate would be...


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