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Microastrology- the Mysteries of Time& Events

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Microastrology- the mysteries of time and event

Micro astrology is that part of astrology which define shortest period of time for any human event realization, decision and action. It is a part of astrology, which very few astrologers used to
Practice to predict every upcoming event. The time configuration is continuous in Micro astrology.
Micro astrology is the subject, which can deliberately prove the validity of astrology in terms of time
Analysis and not in terms of planetary influence. All the bogus claim of modern science, scientist,
And so-called rationalist that astrology is a myth can be spell bound with the accuracy of micro astrology.

Formerly micro astrology was used to select any important upcoming auspicious moment or to predict the query of any person by casting the particular moment horoscope. Election astrology, Prasnatantra in Vedic astrology is basically based on micro astrology.

Prasnatantra, an ancient subject concerning time and query of some kind to answer based on the moment of the query. The astrologer cast a horoscope of that moment and tries to defy the answer from time configuration of that moment with specific methods mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures. Beside these those who researched on this subject able to develop more numerous system for pinpoint accuracy.

The difference of Micro astrology with Prasnatantra is in micro astrology astrologer defines the continuous time changes and events changes with different kind of time vernier scales of analysis than Prasnatantra. The validity of Micro astrology is geographical co-ordinate based. It works perfectly in a Particular latitude and longitude surround within a belt of 25 to 50 km radius. The latitude and longitude of a particular place is very important to create all the momentary configuration of events and time.

Micro astrology calculations are different patterns than Prasnatantra, and it is best fruitful in observation of chain of incidents like retail...


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