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The Cause of Romeo and Juliet's Death

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Romeo & Juliet
In the play Romeo and Juliet by william shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet die a tragic death. however Romeo and Juliet would not have died if they had acted with caution, patience, and wisdom. The most reasonable conclusion is that human error not fate was the cause of Romeo’s and Juliet’s death. They botch acted impulsively, juliet refused to marry county paris, and romeo killed Tybalt.
Trough most of act one romeo is deeply in love with Rosaline but at the Capulet’s ball Romeo meets Juliet for the first time and kisses her. Later that night, he speaks to her outside of Capulet’s orchard where Juliet and Romeo make plans leading them to marry secretly behind their parents. Romeo didn't need to sneak under Juliet's balcony the first night, he should have approached the capulets to court juliet, there was no necessary reason to marry so soon and behind their parents backs.
lord capulet and lady capulet fail to understand Juliet's decision not to marry paris.when juliet refuses to marry paris lord capulet threatens to disown her.”you shall not house with me” act 3, scene5, line 190, Capulet states. capulet will only forgive her if she agreed to to her fathers decision. “ill give you to my friend; and you be not, hang,beg, starve, die in the streets. “act 3, scene 5, line 193-194.lady capulet hears Juliet's decision against marrying paris, and also refuses to help juliet. “talk not to me, for ill not speak a word. do as thou wilt, for i have done with thee.” act 3 scene 5 line 204-205. after all the fighting juliet still disobeyed her parents.but then the nurse also fails to support Juliet's decision against marrying paris.” i think its best you married with the county.” “ for it excels   your first: or or if it did not.” act 3, scene 5, line 219 and 225. as much as juliet denies marrying paris, her parents and nurse know whats best for her. But juliet takes drastic measures in order to not marry paris and stay loyal to Romeo. Juliet and   The Friar...


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