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Fate of Romeo and Juliet

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“Fate is for those who are too weak to determine their own destiny.”
-Kamran Hamid
Fate is something that unavoidably befalls a person. Neither their own choice nor free will is what controlled Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. It was fate, due to the decisions that cannot be controlled, bad communication, and the strong feud between the Caplets’ and Montague’s. Romeo and Juliet’s lives were the result of destiny.
Uncontrolled decisions added to the cause of Romeo and Juliet’s death because the characters could not exercise restraint or direction over their decisions. In the beginning of the play Romeo was too consumed with Rosaline to notice anyone else. His love for her was irrational. When Murcutio convinces Romeo to go to the Capulet party, he is only willing to go to see Rosaline.                                                                                                                                                        

“Show me a mistress that is passing fair,                                                                                                                       What doth her beauty serve, but as a note,                                                                                                                   Where I may read who passed that passing fair?”                                                                                                                           -Romeo, Act I scene I    
                                                                                                                                          This shows Romeos admiration for Rosaline and how he would never consider anyone else but her. When he arrives at the party his “love” for Rosaline quickly changes direction within a split second from Rosaline to Juliet, it was love at first sight. This is proof that Romeo and Juliet’s death is fate because he went to the party looking for Rosaline and ends up falling in love with Juliet against...


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