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Rubber Cultivation

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Malaysia is the leading producer of natural rubber in the world. About 46% of the total world’s rubber is produced in Malaysia. The rubber plantation was started in Malaysia in 1877. First, the seedlings were brought from the Amazon Basin, and were planted here on a experimental basis. Later, when the rubber seedlings were successfully planted, attempts were made to produce it on a commercial scale. The British people, who colonised the region and introduced rubber tree, provided the capital for clearing the forest and planting rubber trees. They also provided the market for rubber. The skilled labour that was needed was managed from India, particularly from South India.
Conditions favourable for Rubber Growing
[pic]The natural home of wild rubber tree (The Havea Brasiliensls) is in the Amazon Selvas. Hence the hot-wet climate of Malaysia is most suitable for its growth. The rubber trees need:
    • A mean temperature of 27°C, never falling below 22°C.
    • Heavy rainfall above 200 cm., with no drought.
    • Deep rich soils with good drainage preferably scrumbly, well-oxidized and acidic in reaction
    • Adequate supply of labour is an important factor for the collection and plantation of rubber over large holdings.
But now these have been split into small family-based holdings to reduce the capital investment, cost and problems of employing a large labour forces. Half of total production now comes from small-sized plantations.
Rubber Tapping

Tapping is done by wounding the bark of the rubber trees. It is done by making a cut at between one and a half metres from the ground at an angle of about 30° to the horizontal. The cut is about 2 mm. deep. It is made in such a way as to sever the latex tube but not to damage cambian – a paper like skin between the bark and the wood. When the liquid latex flows out, it is collected in vessels. Tapping of the trees is usually done on alternate days. Tapping starts before six in the morning, and the collection of...


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