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On Trial - the Crucible Journey Entry Part 1

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On Trial – The Crucible Journal’s Entry Project
    As a woodsman, I have produced the town of Salem with the necessities of stabilizing household refurbishes and hobby-like items that satisfy the folk’s interests and professions.   I became married for 20 years to a beautiful lady named Sabrina, before the incident of mass hysteria, and quite so early have I become so, for the job of a woodcutter; cutting 100 feet tall trees with muscles and an iron axe is enough for any woman to become seduced.   I have 2 children: Roy and John, at the age 17 and 18.   We have lived in harmony and smitten alongside the Christian faith until that forsaken day.   It was in the closing period of the 17th century in which propaganda had been rumored amongst us about common bogus on witchcraft.   It was quite obvious that such nonsense did not exist; one simply proving the fact that ghosts exist could be a good comparison.   Within the 3rd day of false accusations of witchcraft, I was sure the village was going to become extinct.   Nevertheless, I feared nothing for what could I be sought out for doing instead of living as a family and chopping wood; however I was terribly wrong.   My name is Gabriel Patterson, and this is my story.   It was in the year 1692 at the beginning of winter, where I was helping the town’s crisis over chipped wood and nonexistent reinforcements to prepare for the harsh freezing temperatures.   Through high importing demands, I was in naught about providing the supplies.   I worked day in and day out to please the community, thus not allowing them to give reasoning as to have a grudge and accusing me of witchcraft.   By the 8th day of hard labor, neighbors amongst me began to notice my absence in church revivals, and began to investigate the situation.   They came knocking on my front door with the wooden bare end of a broom, and interrogated my presence and doings with endless questions.   Basically all were biased on believing that I traded my soul for a portion of the...


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