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The Old Man and the Sea

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Forms of imagery (with examples)
Visual imagery is perhaps the most frequently used form.
  * The crimson liquid spilled from the neck of the white dove, staining and matting its pure, white feathers.
Auditory imagery represents a sound.
  * The bells chimed 2 o'clock and Daniel got ready for school.
  * Onomatopoeia: a word that makes a sound.
Kinetic imagery represents movement
  * as in Wordsworth's poem Daffodils: "tossing their heads in sprightly dance"
Olfactory imagery represents a smell.
  * Gio's socks, still soaked with sweat from Tuesday's P.E. class, filled the classroom with an aroma akin to that of salty, week-old, rotting fish.
Gustatory imagery represents a taste.
  * The sweet marinara sauce makes up for the bland sea-shell pasta that Jeffrey served.
  * Tumbling through the ocean water after being overtaken by the monstrous wave, Mark unintentionally took a gulp of the briny, bitter liquid, causing him to cough and gag.
Tactile imagery represents touch.
  * Yalimar dug her feet into the wet sand, burying her toes inside the beach as cold waves lapped at her ankles.
  * The clay oozed between Jeremy's fingers as he let out a squeal of pure glee.
Imagery can be showcased in many forms, such as metaphors and similes.
A simile is a literary device where the writer employs the words "like" or "as" to compare two different ideas. It can be a strong word to use as a describing word in a simile or metaphor.
  * Yesenia and her boyfriend soared high like two doves in love.
  * I am as tricky as a fox.
  * Angel's heart, like a candy store, has a hundred variations of sweetness.
  * Tailaya's eyes sparkle like a crystal ball.
  * Selena's hair is like a stormy sea.
  * Dorian is acting like a clown.
  * I am as red as a tomato when my kids fail their quiz and don't study!
A metaphor is similar to a simile, however this literary device makes a comparison without the use of "like" or "as".
  * Mister S's classes are...


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