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Mental Health in Macbeth

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Chapter 13
“Stephanie, I want you to tutor Jacob for the remainder of the term. I fear that he is in too far over his head and you are the perfect person to help him stay afloat.”
I replied immediately,
“Yes, m’am. I would be happy to help in any way possible.”
She nodded her head and bent back down to correcting her tests. I walked back to my desk and twisted to look at Jake. He was gazing at his worksheet with a confused eye.
“Do you need any help?” I smirked in his direction.
Jake scowled at me, then answered curtly,
“Please….I don’t understand a thing.” He was so cute when he was confused.
I smiled and motioned for Jake to come closer.
“Scoot your chair over here and bring your desk next to mine, we have a lot of catching up to do.”
“But why can’t females determine the sex of the child?”
I blew out my bangs and described the XX and XY chromosomes to him, again.
“Jake, females can’t determine the sex of a baby because we have the XX chromosome, where the males have the XY chromosome, and they match with each X of the females to determine whether a child will be female or male.”
Jake still seemed to be confused. He was a lost cause in Biology.
“Okay Jake, class is almost over; we’ll go over it again at my house.”
Jake wriggled his eyebrows and winked.
“There are a lot biological things we could do at your house.”
I chuckled and swatted him on the arm. He smirked and turned to put his things away. I did the same, but I turned to look at Nikk. He caught my eye and smiled. I felt so guilty, mostly because Nikk looked very lonely.
When the bell rang, I pecked Jake on the cheek and told him I would catch up with him next period. I think Jake noticed me glancing back now and then to check on Nikk.
Jake nodded and walked out through the threshold. I turned back and walked back to Nikk. I picked up his book and nodded to the door.
“Come on slow poke, we have a class to go to.”
Nikk’s eyes...


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