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Besnik Madzar Dan Gorham
Period 1
Mr. Jacobs Public Speaking
Resolve, the war on drugs has been successful.   First I would like to clarify some key terms. (The Oxford Dictionary) defines the War on Drugs as United States to suppress the illegal trade in narcotics worldwide. Next I would like to define successful as achieving or having achieved success, according to (Dictionary.com) The War on Drugs has been a huge controversy in America since it was brought up by President Richard Nixon in 1971.   During that time Drugs were at an all-time high.   It was as easy as just walking from Mexico to California with a few pounds of cocaine in your bag.   But over the years since the War on drugs starting kicking in, millions and millions of pounds of illegal drugs have been seized by the U.S government. The way we define success is by the achievement of its intended purpose, and the intended purposes for the War on Drugs was to seize drugs at the border, within America, and within other countries. I will first be explaining how the Government has seized drugs in United States while incarcerating drug dealers and then how we stopped drug sales at the border.
The first goal that our government successfully accomplished was seizing drugs within   United States. Since the War on drugs officially started the incarceration rate for Americans has gone up, in 2008 1.5million people were arrested for drug offenses, and in 2011 alone 423,372 people have already been arrested for drug offenses, that is showing that one person is arrested every 19 seconds from violating the drug law. This according to (FBI.gov) how can you   say something isn’t successful when you see a statistic like that. Since I explained to you about my first point about how we have controlled drug trafficking in America, I will now talk about how we have stopped drug flow from its borders.
It used to be very easy for drugs to be smuggled from across the border, but nowadays it has gotten much hard. In fact;...


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