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Basic Planning Guide for Argument

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Basic way to approach writing a basic argument essay

This is just a guide to help you plan and organize an argument essay which is useful for any assignment that asks that you support a position. Just be sure to use pathos for this essay and if you use this guide for ethos, go low on the pathos, lol.
This planning guide is for an essay assignment that didn't require sources   but this will help you with any essay you write. Just remember that you must choose a topic that DOES require sources unlike the sample topic you see here. Thanks :-))))
1. After choosing a topic, prepare a pro/con list. Make sure you treat each side of the issue fairly.
Example: Should the college continue to ban children or should it invite children by having nightly educational programs?
Pro-Yes the college should ban children.
1. Children disrupt the library where many students study and where classes are held during the evenings.
2. Parents who are attending college should make arrangements for childcare instead of taking their children with them and expecting the library staff to "babysit."
3. Some children are completely unattended by adults and think of the college library as a hang out place. This is unacceptable.
4. These programs will be expensive and time-consuming. Who will staff the programs? Who will pay for them?

Con- No, it should not
1. The college bills itself as a focal point of the community and says it "caters to the adult student". Adults have children and since   the county is one of the five poorest in the nation, it's highly unlikely that most students have the money to pay for childcare. The college could have children friendly programs in the evenings.

2.   Literacy is a problem here. Nightly programs in the library would involve children and promote a love of reading.
3. It's better for unattended children to be in the library rather than roaming the streets. Where else is there here for children and young teens to go?

2. After...


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