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Sins of Sodom

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The Sins of Sodom
The Sins of Sodom to me was about the fact that Lot took in strange men into his “shelter” to let them eat some bread and wash their feet and go on their way. But once he was arose with a challenge from all of the men in the city. The men of the city wanted to rape the men that he had taken in into his shelter. Lot then soon started begging asking the men to leave the men in the shelter alone. Lot very quickly gave up his daughters to be taken and stating that they have never been with men before. But once the men of the city started to try to get into the men God put Lot into the house and shut the door blinding the men so they had to search and grab for the door.
To me the sins were how lot was trying to give his daughters up to the men, making them more important than his own daughters. But by doing so, God protected the whole family so no one got hurt because of the good deeds that Lot was doing by protecting the men in his shelter. Also another sin was the fact that the men wanted to rape the other men. They wanted the men over the daughters even though the daughters were considered virgins. As the book states, they disrespected strangers which is another sin. As well as the homosexuality towards the men that they had.


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