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To Be Hero Myself

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To Be a Hero Myself
I am a Sagittarius adopting never-ending reveries or fantasies. I have ever kept a seemingly strange,even grotesque fondness for fictional heroic figures, such as Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Transformers and even the “Ultraman” in Japanese comics, merely dreaming myself as “the One”—an omnipotent superhero with infinite power to have justice done and even rescue human beings from Doomsday. And I have cherished such an illusion since my childhood,it never being worn away by any sophisticated or cynical views. Most of my friends have learned such a secret—calling it “the skeleton in the wardrobe” is more approximate—bringing no response but a scorn for that: “A fascinating tale but a valueless phantom as well, as there exists no such a hero in reality”. Yes, no Superman, no fiction-style hero in my life as no Mega Monster or Frankenstein exists on earth. But it never hinders me from making heroic effort to do my best as I have been always yearning for keeping abreast with them even though I cannot fly or shoot a laser beam.
Once a time, I was singled out for the MUNFDU Conference (Model United Nations Conference at Fudan University) as one of the representatives of my senior middle school. We are the youngest guys with limited experience and deficient skill; whereas all the other teams exactly consisted of freshmen, sophomores or even juniors majoring in international relation or sociology. At first, being out-and-out tyros, all of my teammates got nervous, anxious and even self-inferior, for many of other delegates showed a plain contempt for us. However, coming to an idea that I would respond them with no word but my greatest endeavor made me long to prove that a recruit can do no worse than a veteran anywhere. Setting about making my crazy and feverish “heroic effort”, I exerted myself in the agenda of the Conference regardless of day and night, and immersed myself in my work so much that I could hardly take a record that how long I covered...


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