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My Hero

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My Hero

  Malcolm X is as democratical as the word democracy is. Malcolm X is my hero because of the fact that when the world was divided because of race he stood up and made a difference! He proved that the American democracy was a dictatorship. He said that how can a democracy trash a complete race and enslave them for 300 hundred years!

  Malcolm X proved to the world that we are all humans despite our race. He gave another alternative other than killing. He crushed the racial differences in this world. He gambled in peace instead of war and he prevailed!   He called for achieving equality “by any means necessary.”

  Malcolm X is a person worthy of people looking up to. People look at him for strength, wisdom and understanding. His footsteps are those that people may follow. His legacy will pass on through the generations to come. He is truly a legend, but not any legend, a legend that had a mission, but not any mission, a mission that will be honored a respected for rest of the human life. Malcolm X simply united the human race.

  Malcolm X was killed because he was right. He left The Nation of Islam to become a Sunni. He left it because The Nation’s teaching was contradicting to true Islam, and it did not have Godly wisdom. He got killed because he rejected Elijah Mohammad’s claim to prophet hood. He once said “Whites can help us but can’t join us. There can be no black-white unity until there is first some black unity. We can not think of being acceptable to others, until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves”. This is so true because what happened proved to us that he was 100% right!

  Malcolm X will be respected through out the generations to come. He is a historian, a great teacher, a man of God, and a militant leader who was devoted to his commitments to fight racism wherever he found it.

An as Malcolm X once said:

"We declare our right on this...


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