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Besides economic and “Vandalism is typically defined as when a person knowingly causes serious physical damage to a structure or its contents” ( http://defiitions.uslegal.com/v/vandalism). The term vandalism not only implies the damage of structures but also it can be defined as all the acts that that can hurt physically or morally somebody. In the last thirty years, El Salvador has experimented an increase of vandalism; situation that has provoked the proliferation of illegal groups like Mara salvatrucha, the XVIII, Mao Mao. These unauthorized groups are out of control and have spread in the Salvadoran population a feeling of insecurity, reason which they choose the decision to look for places in where they can feel that their lives are protected. Many of that population decide to go to safer places inside of the same country but others decide to travel long distances in order to avoid the uncomfortable situation of insecurity that their country is facing with.
“After the last civil war, vandalism is one of the main issues that affect the Salvadoran society. Vandalism is a phenomenon that takes place in all levels: in companies, the State, in schools, the family.”   (Ortez   44). Due to the fast resurgence of gangs and of the uncontrolled situation of insecurity that El Salvador is living a big part of its population decide to migrate to look for places where they feel safer than in their own country. First of all, the big rate of murders committed is one of the reasons why Salvadoran decides to migrate. An average of twelve murders per day are committed said a source from the police corporation (http://www.laprensa.com.ni/2010/01/03/internacionales/12012). That means that every two hours there is a murder in wherever part of the country. Besides that, a big part of the Salvadoran population is in risk to be killed by gang members. One other reason why Salvadoran citizens decide to go abroad is the called extortion.   “Extortion is a criminal offense...


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