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Fahrenheit 451 Essay on Family and Society

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Fahrenheit 451 Essay
Family: a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not. That is our world's concept of family, in the novel Fahrenheit 451 the concept of family is very different. Our world's concept of family is loving, always there for you, and available to go to whenever there is a problem. Their society's concept of family is they simply don't care for each other and don't value relationships.
In part two of the novel their concept of family is truly revealed. Their society does not have relationships, they do not love their family members or friends. Mrs. Phelps states that if her husband were to die in war she would not cry and just get married again, she also says she is independent and this is her and her husband's both third marriage. That shows a lot about their society's concept for love, marriage, and how they do not even care for their own spouse. In their society some believe children are ruinous and you must be crazy to have them, but for the people who do choose to have them like Mrs. Bowles, they have their children in school 9 days out of 10 then the 3 days of the month they are home they just heave them into the parlor and turn on the switch. Again, from that information you can tell they do not value family and love for their children.
Our society isn't perfect, but our society is much different from the society in Fahrenheit 451. In our society we value friendships, love, marriage and our children. If most wives were put in the situation that Mrs. Phelps was put in, they would be very worried for their husband's lives and would be extremely saddened if their husband were to die in war. Also it is unheard of to send children to school 9 days out of 10, even if it were possible no parent would do that to their children. If they did, when their children got home they would cherish the time spent with them, instead of ignore them and just put them in a parlor and flip...


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