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Englist Test Paper

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Q.9 There are 1500 participants in a concert , 55% of the participants are men and 40 % are women, The rest are children, How many children are there in the concert?

Q.10 Lawrance bought a cricket bat at 25% discount . he paid Rs. 1050 for the bat.
      a) What was the original price of bat.
      b) How much did he save

Q.11 At 8:45 kashif started cycling from home to school via liberary. His average speed for the journey was 165m/min.when did Jane arrive in school?
          (Give your answer correct to the nearest min.)

Q.12   Mr Saqib drove at an average speed of 80 km/h from town A to town
          B.The distance from town A to town B is 400 km. On the way back,he increased
          His speed by 20 Km/h.How much time did Mr Saqib take to cover the return
          Journey ?

Q.13   Compare the numbers. Write ‘>’ or ‘
C =
D None

7. Double of 6.2 is ____________

A 13.6
B 12.4
C 12.6
D 3.1

8. Which shape has both parallel & Perpendicular lines?

A parallelogram
B square
C triangle
D circle

9 The place value of 4 in of 14.3 is ____________

A tenth
B tens
C unit
D hundredth

Q.3 State whether the following statements are true or false

1. Angles less than 90 degree in called obtuse angle (T/F)

2. Sum of ¼ and ¾ is one (T/F)

3. The double of 14.6 is 7.3 (T/F)

4. Straight angle is equal to 180 degree (T/F)

5. Rs. 93.5 = 935 paisas (T/F)

6. Lines that never meet each other at any point are

      called curved lines (T/F)

7. 81/10 > 18/10 (T/F)

8. Scalene triangle has all the equal sides but not the equal angles. (T/F)

9. Parameter of 4 cm side square is 24cm (T/F)

10 3 liters of Pakola can fill 5 glasses of ½ liters (T/F)

Q.4 Do as directed.

1. Complete the next four sequences .
7.20, 7.15, 7.10, ________, ___________, __________, ___________

2. Write the following as a decimal fraction

i 20 15/100 ii 93/10...


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