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Olympics 2016 Chicago?

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Do you like meeting new people? Experiencing new cultures? Or just learning about the rest of the world about you? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, the you should agree with me that the Olympics should come to Chicago in 2016. Not only would buisness boom, you would get a change for Chicago to clean up, and have the opportunity to see the rest of the world in our own backyard.

Students in our local area would have the opportunity to experience what they read in the books, about all the other countries and cultures. People from all over the world travel to chicago to see the Olympic Athletes perform. New cultures would be introduced and welcomed, maybe starting new opportunities and chances for people who need them in our trying times. New languages will be heard, new people will be seen, and our city will be full of new life.

World leaders will come to the windy city, and knowing all those people are coming, chicagoans will want to take pride in their city. The will want to clean up and impress the new visiting people, also motivating them will be good for them. Our windy city is already beautiful, and with a little help from the citizens to pick up trash and get rid of vandalism, the visitors will love it. The new respect the city will have will encourage them to keep it clean. The projects they started will be encouraged to be finished, and locals will have fun taking part in their neighborhoods. Because of all the people visiting, buisnesses would boom. Tourists won't have a problem spending big bucks, which will help our struggling buisnesses. The people who have the money to fly across the world to see their favorite athletes, will not mind seeing the new city while they are there. All of our small shops will have plenty of business that will help them stay on their feet during these trying times.

Having the Olympics in Chicago will give all the local students experience with diffrent cultures, languages, and people from around...


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