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Crucial to My Happiness

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            Each of us has a different idea of what is important to our lives.   Some things are tangible that can be seen and touched, but others are intangible and though unseen can be felt.   Love is the best example of something intangible, yet may bring more peace and joy than having items you own. A positive self-esteem provides you control and hope in life. A healthy self-esteem guards you against all kinds of negativity directed at you from family, friends or work mates. Being comfortable with who you are, what you have done, why and how, is paramount to happiness. A healthy ego is also certainly a huge factor towards business success. It’s time to stop doubting yourself, rid yourself of negative thoughts, practice gratitude and wake up each morning knowing you are firmly in control of your happiness and life. Sometimes all it takes is a simple change in attitude.

            The greatest impact on my happiness is my family. Without love, a family would cease to exist. Then, there is trust, understanding and devotion that make a family what it is. If you do not have such feeling towards your family members, the family will never ever be a group of closely-bonded people; rather it would be a group of individuals living together just because they have no other choice. The happiness of a family is based on cooperation by its members. In absence of the same, you can hardly expect your family to be a place where you get peace and comfort. They are the most important part of my everyday life.   From the time I entered into this world, my family surrounded me with love.   They were happy to welcome me when I was born. They took care of me during my entire childhood and were the ones who taught me about love, caring and truthfulness in family relationships.   My family helped create my personality, taught me good values, motivated me toward my goals and especially taught me to always have respect for myself and others....


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