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The Trib

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The article “ The Trib” discusses about a four-years degree, which is not required in order to be a successful person. Some of the argument states that successful people like Bill Gates and Larry Ellison, none of them had a four years college degree, but they became a rich person. Another argument presents the benefits of a bachelor’s degree. Also, the other argument states that many jobs still don’t require a four-year degree and only require a vocational training and even people who don’t have a four years college degree get a higher income. I personally disagree the article’s notion that a four years college degree is not needed to be a successful person because I can relate to this issue. Currently I have failed from a promotion opportunity since I didn’t hold the four years college degree. And actually many job opportunities require a four years college degree, and when you look around, only few is not having a four-years college degree among successful people.
      There were many candidates who wanted a promotion and they applied to the opening position for their promotions. I was top on the other candidates if the interviewer considered on the job training experience only. When the result came out, the person who held a four years college degree was chosen even though the opening position didn’t require a four years college degree. If I had the four years college degree, I might have been selected for the position.
      Many people have discovered that most of the opening positions are required a four years college degree when they look around the job search websites such as Monster.com etc. As of the result, their belief is changing to get a four years college degree because they realize that it is hard to get jobs without an higher educational background. Now most of companies need educated people not just be able to do simple work, but be able to handle complicated works like computer programs since American society become more competition than...


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