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The Facts of Society

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding gives us many hints and clues to whether he believes humans are naturally good or bad. This book is based on a group of kids having to survive on an island after their plane crashed during World War II. Along reading this novel I have come to realize that Golding has sent out a message trying to prove that humans are naturally evil. Although it may seem that humans are naturally good, a lack of society can truly bring out the evil inside of them as it does to the group of kids in this book.   Society has a way of conforming us and it also gives us a path to follow, without it humans can show the natural evil upon them. Therefore humans are naturally bad but society can conform them and lead them to the correct path of goodness.
Golding believes that humans are naturally evil. For example when the kids shout, “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” (152) they are showing their inner evil amongst them. While this is occurring they take the blood of the pig and paint it among there faces, acting like animals. Is this something that any normal kid would do? No it’s not because in reality there would be a parent or person of higher authority around to tell them otherwise. When all authority is taken out of the picture the kids are to do whatever they feel, and this is when their true evilness is exposed.
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      Although Golding believes that humans are naturally evil society can overcome and make them better. The environment and surroundings of a person can contribute to their evilness or goodness. Roger’s behavior is a good example of this statement because early in the novel he throws rocks at the littleluns but remembering his punishments in his previous society he is very careful not to hit them. Towards the end of the book he realizes that there are no rules or consequences in his new society so he believes he is free to drop a huge rock onto Piggy, causing his death. If he didn’t adapt away...


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