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Okay i have to write a paper on personal culture, and i don't really understand what personal culture would be. I'm suppose to be describing activities and features of daily life. Can anyone help me understand this better.

I'll put the actually directions from my teacher in case anyone was wondering.
The purpose of this assignment is to encourage each class member to reflect on, analyze, and compose her or his thoughts, observations, information, etc. regarding the cultural aspects of his or her life. The observations and thoughts could range quite broadly over matters of daily life as well as features, activities, and artifacts that are more formal in nature. For instance, students might include family traditions as well as artwork displayed in their homes; activities such as movie-going, church or other religious activity, vacations, and leisure activity could be included too.

In a short essay (250-350 words), write a description of your personal culture. To do this successfully, you might want to define “culture” as well as “character.” The description should include a general statement that characterizes your personal culture. The general statement should be followed by specific examples that support the general culture with which you have chosen to identify. In such a short essay, you won’t be able to say everything about your personal culture. But that’s not the purpose of this assignment anyway. The purpose, remember, has to do with reflection, analysis, and composition. Reflection includes both thoughts and feelings; analysis involves relative values and significances; composition entails writing a carefully organized, clearly focused, and appropriately expressed statement of the thoughts, feelings, and related analysis.

Clarity, focus, coherence, development, and appropriate grammar and mechanics will provide the basic elements of your grade (worth a possible 25 points). Specifically, you must address the question about the “character” of your...


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