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Spanish Language & Culture

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Columbia, a republic in South America, is located in the northwest region of the continent. Its neighbors are Panama and The Caribbean Sea, also Venezuela and Brazil, to the south there’s Peru and Ecuador, and to the west there’s the Pacific Ocean. Did you know that Colombia is the only country in South America that has coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean? The Capital of Colombia is Bogotá, which is also the largest city in the country.

Prior to the settlement of Europeans in the America’s there were many groups of indigenous groups in South America, for example there is the Chibcha who occupies Colombia in the present day. Spain had colonized Colombia, from the 16th century to the 1800’s. They achieved independence in 1819. It soon became a republic with an elected government, even though there was a period of time where the country was plagued with civil unrest and dictatorship.

The society of Colombia is classified by either upper or lower classed citizens, with a large and growing gap between them. A middle class was established in the 20th century, but is still a small percentage of the population. Many attitudes the led to the Colombia’s sharp class divisions originated in 16th century Spain and became the ingrained Colombian society during the colonial period. The status of power was determined by your family lineage, or inherited wealth, also your racial background.

The Economic progress through the 20th century has slightly reduced the concentration of political, social, and economic power in the hands of small upper class.

Land and Resources

Colombia is also known for its famous Andes mountain chain. The Andes are located in the central and western regions of the country and is extended north south across almost the whole length of Colombia. Two fifths of the country lies in the Andes highlands. The ranges of the mountain are separated by deep depressions. Majority of the...


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