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Children Shuld Determine Their Future

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Every parent loves their own children. Sometimes they will do everything to make sure that their children get all the best things, from the best education, the best treatment, even to the best couple. They think they know what the best to their children is and what would make their children happy, because they have seen how their children grow up. This notion has spread among parents, and it has made the idea that parents should help determine the future of their children. I, on the other hand, do not agree with this statement. Children should be allowed to make their own choices especially because they have grown up.

Firstly, children are supposed to know what the best for their lives is. They are the people who will endure their own lives. Their choices are made based on what they are interested in, and logically something they are interested in will be more probable to make them happy than something they are not interested in. In fact, parents should be happy if their children can make their own decisions because it means that their children have already grown up. By being grown ups, they should be ready to take responsibility of every choice they make.

Secondly, I have seen many movies that tell stories about people whose decisions of their future are determined by their parents. Some of these movies end badly because their children do not pursue their own future, but they take their parents’ choices, and their lives become miserable. The other movies end happily because their parents realize that their children should choose their own future. I know that they are not very good examples because they are certainly not real cases, but beside giving pleasure to the watchers, movies are usually produced to give some moral messages to people who watch it, and I’m sure that the moral message in these movies is that bad things will more possible to happen if you do not follow your own choice.

Last but not least, how do you feel if your lives become miserable...


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