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The Violence of War Can Be Diluted with the Love

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The violence of war can be diluted with the love

  1. Introduction

  2. Consequences and disasters of war

  3. Significance   of love in social disorder and   in war-torn society

  4. References from world history:

  a. Wars and strategy of Alexander the great

  b. Islamic conquests:

Amnesty of Mecca
Example of conquest of sindh
Peace of Saladin

  c. Japan and germany

  5. Modern world’s wars:   challenges and goals

  6. Case of Pakistan

  7. Solutions lie in understanding and love

Human nature has always sought to subdue its fellow beings, using different means and ways. Means wary; war, love, fear, friendship and needs, all have been the tools of human strategies to gain control. But most of the History of human race is the history is the history of brutal violence of innumerous wars fought for the millenniums, resulting in loss of millions of lives, destruction, violence, and creation of wounds that embed in the society and its thinking. The only cure that could be an answer to this negativity produced by war is the emotion of love. Love has always played an important role in redressing and curing the ills and demons of the war. It has not only minimized the by-products of war but has also been a great pillar in the progress of mankind. Whenever the war arrives it brings agony, pain, sense of deprivation, dislocation, social and economic catastrophe, psychological distress, and collective social disorder in the society. These factors are exclusive of whether the war has been won or lost. Things are never joyous after war. After violence, the upliftment of the society heavily depends on the love. Love is the key to obliterating the impact of violence caused by war and its proxies. It works in softening up the pain and loss, it helps in accepting the results and shocks, and creates the capacity of enduring the pain and finally letting go of it. Motivation, encouragement, inspiration and...


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