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Advertising - Essay 17

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1.1 Rationale
Nowadays, in a developed world, thousands of new products and services are introduced each day, which makes advertising become a real art - the art of informing and persuading customers. Slogans can be considered the heart of advertisements wherever they appear. Slogans are the most important and condensed messages advertisers would like to send to their customers. Sharp and intelligent slogans can help advertisers leave unforgettable impressions on their potential customers’ minds. However, creating a successful slogan is never an easy task. The use of just a few words in a slogan proves to be harder than it appears. It requires a sophisticated linguistic insight of phonology, lexicology, syntax as well as semantics and pragmatics. Hence, the study on some successful slogans promises a lot of interesting facts in the art of using language among advertisers.
On the other hand, what can be called a successful slogan is still a question. The answer depends on the area of products and services the slogan is used for, the country or geographical regions it is used in and maybe the population of its target customers. Therefore, choosing one kind of products or services to study the slogans used in it should bring more thorough and detailed results of aspects of language exploited.
The advertising slogans of some world-famous airlines are chosen to investigate in this study for two main reasons. First of all, when the airlines can be called famous, they must be successful in many aspects. They may provide services of elegant quality. Or they may have a long history of building their own prestige and class. But one thing that can be ensured is their successful advertising campaigns in which slogans play a vital part. The investigation into those slogans will hopefully reveal interesting features in language used in slogans in general and airline slogans in particular. Second, world-famous airlines have a wide scope of activities with customers coming...


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